Why ZABE Mortgage

ZABE Mortgage was formed to provide families with the resources needed to achieve their homeownership goals. Our client families are the very heart of our success.

Who We Are

ZABE Mortgage & Our Esteemed Affiliation

Proudly standing as a branch of Golden Empire Mortgage, Inc. (GEM), ZABE Mortgage aligns with an illustrious legacy of over 35 years in the mortgage arena. Our dedication to reshaping the horizon of mortgage advisory draws strength from GEM’s enduring ethos and values.

Our goals echo GEM’s passionate commitment to refining the home-buying journey for every client. GEM empowers us with a robust platform, opening doors to a spectrum of loan options, forefront resources, and state-of-the-art technology. This synergy ensures our mortgage advisors and teams consistently outperform the competition. Bestowing unparalleled advantages upon our clientele and setting new standards of excellence in the industry.

Our Mission

Precision and Personalization in Home Financing

At ZABE Mortgage, we strive to transform the home financing journey, anchoring our approach in clear communication, deep understanding, and tailored solutions. We recognize the intricate landscape of today’s real estate, and our commitment is to equip our clients with the insight they need to confidently traverse diverse loan options and strategies.

Our bedrock principle? Enlightening both potential and existing homeowners. We believe in the power of well-informed choices. Taking a comprehensive look at each client’s financing landscape, we craft strategies that resonate with their immediate and future aspirations.

Our Vision

Elevating the Mortgage Landscape

At ZABE Mortgage, we envision a vibrant space where our mortgage advisors and team members flourish, sharing insights and consistently refining their expertise. Through state-of-the-art technology, comprehensive tools, and continual learning, our goal is to redefine industry standards and enable our advisors to stand out, excelling far beyond the norm. Our efforts converge on crafting an unmatched home financing journey for our clients.

01. Be a trustworthy partner
02. Practice being deliberate every day
03. Take an agile mindset to adapt and overcome
04. Be thoughtful in every interaction
05. Knowledge is not power, it is only potential. Applying that knowledge is power
06. Be proactive in a reactive world
07. Focus on efficiency to get the most out of our resources
08. Guide with passion, lead with purpose
09. Create an impactful change in every way possible
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Who We Serve

We strongly believe Homeownership by Design is a powerful tool for self-empowerment. We want to guide, educate and be a resource to all future, existing and returning clients. 

The decision to purchase a home is monumental. Recognizing this, we are dedicated to instilling confidence and ensuring peace of mind by enlightening our clients every step of the way. Through our "Homeownership by Design" philosophy, we navigate the intricacies of the home-buying journey and offer unwavering post-purchase support. Our aim is to cultivate savvy homeowners poised for long-term financial growth, always prioritizing the well-being and aspirations of the families we serve.
Our Team Members
At ZABE Mortgage, we deeply value our team members, understanding the boundless potential that lies within each individual. We are steadfast in our commitment to nurture and challenge them, igniting their inherent strengths and talents. While compensation and recognition are vital, we equally emphasize cultivating an environment that stimulates creativity, growth, and adaptability. We believe that fostering a "Smart Culture" is instrumental to our collective triumph. By ensuring a supportive and motivational workspace, we empower our team to render unparalleled service and consistently achieve remarkable outcomes.
Loan Advisors
Integral to our achievements, our Loan Advisors are the very pulse of ZABE Mortgage. We equip them with unwavering support, streamlined systems, sturdy structures, and seasoned guidance. This ensures not only their professional growth but also a harmonious balance between their work and personal lives.
Realtor Partners
Our collaboration with realtors is anchored in mutual trust and a shared vision. Together, we amplify our collective knowledge, championing financial literacy to curate unparalleled client experiences. This synergy grants our clients a distinctive edge, crafting offers that resonate in a competitive landscape. Beyond this, we actively engage with our realtor partners, keeping them abreast of the latest mortgage market nuances—from interest rate fluctuations to emerging loan programs. By championing ongoing education and disseminating insights, we ensure our realtor allies remain at the pinnacle of their profession. In this spirit of partnership, we pave the way for shared successes and outstanding client outcomes.
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S.M.A.R.T. Culture at ZABE Mortgage

For Employees at ZABE Mortgage:


Our client families are the very heart of our success, and so with their success, you and your team will find success at ZABE Mortgage.


Every buyer is different. They have different incomes, debts, financial situations, and housing requirements. Being mindful of these differences and the buyer's concerns and requirements will result in a better experience. The same goes for your team members. Everyone you work with is different and being mindful of that difference is essential.


You have your own personal and professional goals that you want to achieve at ZABE Mortgage, and we're going to help you achieve them. And one of those goals is to help the buyer achieve their own goals and dreams of getting the right mortgage or best refinance strategy.


To be reliable is to be someone who behaves well under any circumstances, works hard and is dependable. Not only should you be a reliable team member, but a reliable Home Loan Specialist for your clients that will find the right loan program.


Trust means everything. Trust is built over time. Both internally with your team but externally with your clients. There are hundreds of mortgage lenders out there and being a trusted mortgage lender is what creates success for your team and your clients.

Careers at ZABE Mortgage

When you join our team at ZABE Mortgage, you become part of a SMART culture based on maintaining relationships, building connections, and an unwavering focus on doing what’s right, not only for our clients but within our team.

See what our team members are saying:

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