A New Chapter for Our Own Eric Jauregui, Loan Production Partner

Eric Jauregui joined ZABE Mortgage Group in November of 2020, bringing his passion and commitment to excellence with him. Eric exemplifies the true definition of “SMART Culture”—Success, Mindful, Achieve, Reliable, and Trustworthy—and brings an unmatched level of commitment to our clients and his teammates alike.


As part of his journey towards smart success, Fidel Dorado, team leader at ZABE Mortgage Group, has been mentoring Eric. Through Fidel’s leadership and guidance, Eric has grown stronger in his career, which is why we’re proud to announce Eric now serves as our Loan Production Partner.


As our Loan Production Partner, Eric will draw on his own personal experiences in purchasing an initial investment property, selling it at a profit, and using the profit to purchase a family home. If he had been more informed then, about leveraging the equity in an investment property to purchase a family home and retaining the first home, he could have built up his real estate portfolio.


Eric is excited about his new role and hopes to provide clients with valuable services including “Homeownership by Design”, our innovative plan to help homeowners and families build wealth and create a better understanding of their mortgages.


Eric asks you to visit his business page, where he provides content that is educational, simple to understand, helpful, and gives you the inspiration to make smart decisions.


You can check our Eric’s business page by clicking the button below!

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