Homeownership by Design

Homeownership By Design

Welcome to the first episode of the ZABE Smart Mortgage Podcast, a podcast that inspires and educates you about the lending process, what trends we’re seeing, how to get the best rate, and so much more. Hosted by Fidel Dorado, team leader for the Fidel Dorado team at ZABE Mortgage Group, Fidel has helped hundreds of people with their mortgages, and now he wants to help you become mortgage smart.


Purchasing a home is a BIG investment. It’s the BIGGEST investment that a family makes. It’s not something you want to do fast. What you do want is to have a plan. And that plan is what Fidel Dorado calls “Homeownership By Design.”


Homeownership by Design is about being prepared to make the best decision for you and your family by planning for the future and getting the continual advice and guidance you need to navigate real estate and finance.


Homeownership by Design is about taking your time, ensuring that you understand every step of the way, having the right resources, and the right adviser to guide you in the right direction to help you accomplish your goals. From the moment the idea of owning a home is born in your head to the idea of leaving that legacy, leaving that wealth for not just you, but for your loved one, your kids, and grandkids – that is Homeownership by Design.

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