Homeownership by Design

Homeownership By Design

Welcome to the first episode of the ZABE Smart Mortgage Podcast, a podcast that inspires and educates you about the lending process, what trends we’re seeing, how to get the best rate, and so much more. Hosted by Fidel Dorado, team leader for the Fidel Dorado team at ZABE Mortgage Group, Fidel has helped hundreds of people with their mortgages, and now he wants to help you become mortgage smart.

Purchasing a home is a BIG investment. It’s the BIGGEST investment that a family makes. It’s not something you want to do fast. What you do want is to have a plan. And that plan is what Fidel Dorado calls “Homeownership By Design.”

Homeownership by design, means developing or creating a plan to achieve your purpose for homeownership. Empowers you and your family to build wealth by properly acquiring, managing and understanding homeownership. Instead of making choices reactively, we deliberately distinguish the vital and remove obstacles so the loan process has an efficient, smooth passage.

Owning a home can be puzzling. It can be a resource or it can be draining. It provides a feeling of safety and consistency yet it can also be a source of stress.

Most homeowners view their homes as an investment. Home remains the biggest financial asset for the typical American homeowner, who has roughly 50 percent of their wealth tied up there. In the best of circumstances, their home fulfills dreams, helping to pay for college, fund retirement investments, even buy a vacation home. In the worst of circumstances, a home becomes a financial trap, draining resources and requiring hard decisions about whether to stick it out or move on.

People have a clear goal of becoming a homeowner, and once that happens, what is the plan for Day 2 through 50+ years later? The question you will inevitably continue to ask is, “Am I doing everything right and what am I not doing that I should be doing?”

Be sure that you are making the best decisions for your family by planning for the future and getting continual advice and guidance on how to navigate your real estate and finances.

As your life changes and evolves, the way you manage your mortgage should change and evolve with it.

Take full advantage of the real estate you already own and ensure that you’re maximizing the potential of your property.

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