Is Your Credit Score Good or Bad? Tips to Improve Your Credit Score

Did you know that 47% of homes in America are Mortgage Free? Incredible, and best of all, it’s not an impossible dream. It can be a reality. You just have to be smart about your mortgage and your credit.

In this ZABE Smart Mortgage Podcast episode, Fidel Dorado talks about how your credit score affects mortgage loans and tips to improve your credit score.

Understanding how to manage your credit is important. Credit is not there to live off of. Credit is there to use as a resource and bridge a gap. Not everyone has $100-200k sitting around to purchase a house or $50K to purchase a car, but understanding that credit is a responsibility shows that you are not a risk to the creditors. 

It’s a show of character as well. You manage your credit, keep low balances, and deliver on your promise that you will repay. By doing so, your reward is a higher credit score. And with a higher credit score, you are rewarded better terms, more opportunities, better credit limits. 

And it’s a prideful thing to have good credit, to walk around and say, “Hey, my credit score is in the 700s”, and that’s an incredible feeling to know you’re fulfilling your obligations.

But you’ve got to be able to say, “what is it going to take for me to get there? How long do I have to save for, and how much do I have to save to do that?” 

At ZABE Mortgage Group, we’re to give you smart advice. Even though sometimes it may not be what you want to hear. If there are some things that we need to work on with your credit, we’re not here to judge. We’re here to advise you every step of the way regarding credit, and what items you may need to take care of so you can build, reestablish, or maintain.

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