Smart Advice from Realtor Jorge Cuevas

On the latest episode of the ZABE Smart Mortgage Podcast, Fidel chats with Realtor/Agent Jorge Cuevas of Village Homes Realty about his perspective as a realtor and how he approaches the business side of real estate. Fidel and Jorge will also discuss the current “seller’s market” and take an in-depth look into the home buying process. If you’re looking for a home, this episode will give you the tools and expert advice you need to become mortgage smart. And if you’re in the realty or mortgage lending business, this conversation is a great way to learn what it takes to become smarter realtors and lenders.

To learn more about Village Homes Realty, go to:

To contact Jorge Cuevas directly, call or email him at (559) 474-7832 or

Jorge specializes in residential listings and buyers. He also specializes in vacant land. Give Jorge a call. He can handle your real estate transactions in both English and Spanish.

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