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How I went from working 60-80hrs a week, still struggling and missing time with my family, to working smarter, working less, and finding time for my family. This is everything I learned to grow a successful mortgage loan company.

Learn how to become a successful and smart Loan Officer.

Fidel has helped me in my career. He's educational, inspiring, and motivational. I'm now empowering and encouraging people to become homeowners as opposed to selling them a product. Thank you, Fidel!

Eric Jauregui

Loan Production Partner

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If you’ve found this page, it’s likely because you’re struggling in your career. You’re struggling with success or working so hard that you’re missing out on your own life and family.

I eventually learned that it’s not just about working harder and harder. It’s about working smarter, and more efficiently. Over the years I was able to create a system that allowed me to have incredible success while enjoying the freedom to be there with my family.

I want to give you a free sample of my system. It’s perfect for curious people who love to learn and take away some key ideas that will have them already finding happiness in their careers. Submit your info using the form to the right, and get ready to feed your brain.

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Loan Officer Coaching and Mentorship

“I’m looking for a few smart loan officers who want to level up their careers and create the perfect work/life balance."
Looking for a fulfilling, hands-on experience and personalized guidance? The Loan Officer Coaching and Mentorship is a one-on-one coaching program I lead with loan officers. It’s designed to help you reach your goals by changing your mindset, understanding the advanced technology involved in today’s loans, learning from my own mistakes, and getting helpful insights from seasoned professionals.