Smart Ways to Get the Most out of your Home Equity

Home Equity is a big topic! Right now, homeowners have more equity in their homes than we’ve seen in the history of our country. In fact, homeowners in the United States are sitting on $10 trillion of home equity wealth. To give you an idea of how fast this growth happened, just in the first half of 2020, home equity increased by $620 billion. So, yes…this is a BIG TOPIC!


But is now the right time to pull equity out of your home? Will it lead to greater wealth, or is it better to invest elsewhere? Should you take advantage of the trend?


In today’s episode of the ZABE Smart Mortgage Podcast, Fidel Dorado talks with Real Estate Investor Hector Medina, who’s also a Broker Associate at Cal Prime Realty, about SMART ways to get the most out of your Home Equity.


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