Purchasing A Home

We strongly believe there is no one size fits all solution to obtaining the right home loan. At ZABE Mortgage Group, we offer tailored loan programs and strategies to suit your specific needs and situation. Learn more about our process and loan programs below.

Homeownership by Design

The ZABE Way

At ZABE Mortgage Group, we take a more thorough, thoughtful approach to homeownership, guiding our clients through education. See our process below.

1. Discovery Consultation

Our Discovery Consultation is the foundation of Homeownership by Design. Through Discovery, whether in-person or over the phone, we take the time to learn about your short/long term goals, your unique experience, and your current financial fingerprint. Are you ready to purchase, or do you need advice/game plan to be ready? Discovery allows us to develop or create a plan to achieve your purpose for homeownership.

A complete loan application can be taken by phone or in-person, and you can provide all the required documents for us to make copies. You can also complete the loan application and upload all required documents securely through HomeConnect.

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2. Verification Process

At this point, we perform a thorough review and verification of credit history, employment, income, and source of closing funds. This allows us to validate/verify and uncover any pertinent information that may improve your loan options. We may also identify any red flags that potentially may affect the pre-approval or cause delays. The Verification Process may take up to 3-4 business days or less, depending on how fast the employer(s) responds.

Smart Tip! The Verification Process can be completed during the Discovery Consultation if you come fully prepared. Check out our video "Are you Really Ready?" to help speed up the loan process.

3. Loan Strategy Consultation

The Loan Strategy Consultation discusses the loan options you are eligible for and the best strategy to put in motion the purpose of Homeownership by Design. After our consultation, you will have a full pre-approval, a complete understanding of all loan options, and all the motivation and confidence needed to go and find your home.

Smart Tip! Searching for a home can be overwhelming and take longer than expected. Be patient, proactive, prepared, and responsive at all times. The right opportunity will present itself.

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4. Loan Process and Closing

With your offer accepted by the seller and your mortgage approved, it's time to close the deal. You should be ready to pay for any closing costs, get the proof of insurance and get your documents in order. Set aside extra time as you will have many documents to sign, but don’t worry, your closing agent will be there to guide you every step of the way. Once you sign the final agreement, take home your keys, and officially become a homeowner!

Smart Tip! You may want to avoid opening a new credit card account, buying a car or making any other large purchase prior to closing. Use cash instead, or better yet, delay making new purchases until after closing.

5. Continued Support

At ZABE Mortgage Group, we're 100% committed to you. We believe our relationship does not end with "the key in hand." Our goal of Homeownership by Design is to empower you and your family to build wealth and accomplish your goals! That's why you can count on us to provide continued support and guidance for life.

Loan Options

We offer a number of loan programs that may be right for you. Count on your ZABE Mortgage Group loan professional to help you select the best one.


Conventional loans are available as fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgages. Find out if a Conventional loan is right for you.
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Get started with an FHA loan and finance your home with down payments as low as 3.5%.
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If you're active military, veteran, or eligible surviving spouses, start your quote for a VA Home Loan today!
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The USDA Guaranteed Loan Program provides one of the most affordable loan programs to Americans today. See if you qualify for 100% financing and no money down.
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Jumbo Loans

In the market for a higher-priced luxury home? We can help you dream big with a Jumbo Home Loan.
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Down Payment Assistance

We can help you discover the available programs and provide you with the understanding of how down payment assistance programs may benefit you.
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Are You Really Ready To Get Started?

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